Who and What is Retro Racing USA?


Retro Racing USA is comprised of 3 race teams spanning Florida, Texas and Colorado.

All the teams operate with the same mission - To develop mountain bike racers at all levels, especially juniors, while promoting the sport and lifestyle that goes along with racing bicycles off road.

2013 Team Partners:

2013 Team Roster



Brad Sharkey - Mens Cat 2

Brian Hastings - Mens Cat 1

Carsten Dede - Mens Cat 3

Curtis Eaby - Mens Cat 2

Dano Kinnee - Mens Cat 1

David Lee - Mens Cat 3

Jessica Kinnee - Womens Cat 3

Josh Hennessey - Mens Cat 2

June Dede - Womens Cat 1

Marie Hennessey - Womens Cat 2

Noah Dede - Cat 3 Junior

Shaun Doerrfeld - Mens Cat 3



Alexis Bobbitt - Womens Cat 3

Chad Bobbitt - Mens Cat 2

Chad Bobbitt Jr. - Cat 3 Junior

Jackson Bobbitt - Cat 3 Junior

Kaslyn Ondrias - Cat 3 Junior

Layton Ondrias - Cat 3 Junior

Vallen Tupper - Cat 3 Junior

Wendy Bobbitt - Womens Cat 3



Jesse Horton - Mens Cat 3

Katie Davis - Womens Cat 3

Phillip Galloway - Mens Cat 3

Recent Results:


2013 The Warda Race - Warda, Texas

Alexis Bobbitt - 2nd Place Womens Cat 3 11-12

Chad Bobbitt 15th Place Mens Cat 2 40-44

L.C. Bobbitt - 1st Place Mens Cat 3 15-18

L.C. Bobbitt - 12th Place Mens Cat 2 15-18

Jackson Bobbitt - 15th Place Juniors 10 and under

Wendy Bobbitt - 5th Place Womens Cat 3 30-39

Kaslyn Ondrias - 2nd Place Womens Cat 3 13-14

Layton Ondrias - 3rd Place Juniors 10 and under

Vallen Tupper - 3rd Place Womens Cat 3 11-12


2013 12 Hours of Tsali - Tsali, N.C.

June Dede - 1st Place Womens 12 Hour Solo



Retro Racing USA could not exist without the support of our teams sponsors.  We would like to thank each and every one of them for their contribution.  Please consider stopping by or contacting any of them if you need the service they provide.  We like to support companies that support cycling and active lifestyles.




The Texas State Championships which runs almost the entire year in the Lone Star State has reached it's summer down time.  When the series kicks back in gear there will be just 4 races remaining to see how it all shakes out.

As of now the Retro Racing USA juniors are dominating the results board.  We have Chad Bobbitt Jr. (L.C.) sitting in 1st place in the Cat 3 Men's 15-18 class.  Alexis Bobbitt and Vallen Tupper occupying the top two spots respectively in the Girls 11-12 Cat 3  class.  Layton Ondrias is situated nicely in 5th place in the Boys 10 and under category and Jackson Bobbitt is in 14th place in that same class. Jackson is doing very good considering he started racing that age group half way through the season.  And new team addition Kaselyn Ondrias is leading the Women's Cat 3 13-14 division.

All of our the juniors are racing in very competitive fields and some are even racing up an age class.

Congratulations to them all for their successes this far!


The Texas adult racers are having a good championship series as well.  Chad Bobbitt in just outside the top 10 in 11th place in the Men's Cat 2 40-44 age group and Wendy Bobbitt is shown in 2nd place overall in the Women's 30-39 Cat 3 group.

Several of our junior racers will be traveling to Pennsylvania in July to compete at the USA National MTB Championships.  Keep an eye open for some fantastic news to come from that race



Retro Racing USA exist to promote the sport and lifestyle of mountain bike racing.  We support the mountain bike racing athletes by tiers.  Our first and foremost goal is to help youth racers compete in the sport.  The secondary goal of the team is to assist dedicated athletes reach their individual racing potential



If you are interested in joining the team, strike up a conversation with one of our riders.  We are alway interested in meeting potential team members.  We invite everyone to socialize and ride with us.  This is the best way to determine if our team goals and your personal goals gel.

Sponsorship / Partnerships:


If you are your company would like to partner with Retro Racing USA to develop and help mountain bike racers please contact us the email address below or call Retro City Cycles.  We have several different commitment levels to fit any budget.

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